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45-60 minutes - £50

Please note that patients who have not been seen for 6 years will be charged as a new patient.

Your Case History

When you have your first consultation, a confidential detailed case history will be taken which will include questions about you current symptoms and your past medical history. This information helps the practitioner understand the background to your problem and enables a diagnosis to be formed.


A musculoskeletal examination will be conducted that will involve an assessment of your posture and movements. The practitioner may take your blood pressure and may test reflexes, joint mobility and muscle strength. Please note, for the purposes of the examination and treatment, it may be necessary to remove clothing from the symptomatic area. We have patient gowns available, or shorts and vests may be worn if preferred.

The practitioner will then discuss the findings of the assessment and decide on a treatment plan, with your consent, that will suit you and your complaint best.

Chaperones and parental consent are required for children under the age of 16.